Marine Hydraulics


Wherever the world needs lifting and pulling, Pullmaster is there—providing the winch power global industries depend on to work safer, smarter and more efficiently. Pullmaster Winch Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of planetary hydraulic winches built to order for the commercial fishing, logging, heavy construction, drilling, mining, dredging, and marine construction industries.

Pullmaster’s applied computer technology, integrated manufacturing, and computerized production machinery are used in conjunction with our ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System to produce world-class planetary products. With one of the industry’s most knowledgeable teams of engineers, service technicians, and worldwide distributors, Pullmaster delivers the reliable, high-performance operation and long equipment life you need to get the job done—no matter where you are.


The Hydrostar® Motor is a Radial Piston design that provides a Low Speed High Torque (LSHT) output. This very durable workhorse is used in a wide variety of applications from Fishing to Forestry, Mining to Marine, Recycling to Shredders, as well as Conveyors and Railroad Equipment.

No matter what your application or use, if you need a dependable and durable LSHT motor… always think Hydrostar®.


  • Speed is infinitely variable and the torque is constant over the entire speed range.
  • Excellent efficiency allows precise positioning of driven equipment.
  • Rapid acceleration, deceleration and reversing.
  • Large main bearings assure long life and allow heavy side load capacity.
  • 25 standard models offering up to 20,000 lb. torque.
  • Many multiple displacement models.
  • SAE ports including 4 bolt flanges and straight threads.
  • SAE splines and tapered keyed shafts are standard.
  • Several drain port locations to ease mounting.
  • Seals made of VitonÆ.


Oilgear makes some of the longest-lasting, most reliable pumps in the world.  RIE mainly sells the PVWJ model which is a variable-displacement, axial-piston pump with medium control response.  These hydraulic pumps are uniquely designed for enhanced stability and less maintenance in low-to-medium horsepower applications.  Incorporating static seals, the PVWJ family of pumps reduces control noise and features a more aesthetic design.


When your needs demand superior quality hydraulic hoses and fittings, call us at RIE.  The Aeroquip brand is part of Eaton Corporation which has State-of-the art testing capabilities and ISO 9001 and QS9000 quality certified facilities.  100% of the hoses are made in the USA.

Aeroquip® AQP inner tube, used in the majority of our performance hoses, is scientifically superior—allowing fluid and ambient temperatures of 300° F with no loss in performance and unmatched fluid compatibility.


A Hägglunds hydraulic direct drive is a drive system beyond the ordinary.  In far less space than other drives – and with far less weight and complexity – it delivers flexible, reliable power.  A Hägglunds direct drive system comprises a hydraulic motor and a flexibly placed drive unit, overseen by a control and monitoring system.  The simple configuration withstands the challenges of virtually any application and environment.

Benefits of a hydraulic direct drive:

  • Robust design with an outstanding reliability
  • Full torque throughout the complete speed range
  • Insensitive to a tough and demanding environment
  • Full control of speed and torque for precise and smooth operation
  • Shaft mounted motor with freely placed drive unit for flexible installation