Marine Hydraulics


Wherever the world needs lifting and pulling, Pullmaster is there—providing the winch power global industries depend on to work safer, smarter and more efficiently. Pullmaster Winch Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of planetary hydraulic winches built to order for the commercial fishing, logging, heavy construction, drilling, mining, dredging, and marine construction industries.

Pullmaster’s applied computer technology, integrated manufacturing, and computerized production machinery are used in conjunction with our ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System to produce world-class planetary products. With one of the industry’s most knowledgeable teams of engineers, service technicians, and worldwide distributors, Pullmaster delivers the reliable, high-performance operation and long equipment life you need to get the job done—no matter where you are.


KYB Americas Corporation is located in Addison, IL, convenient to the Chicagoland area. Founded in 1974, KYB is a full-service OEM supplier of hydraulic components with a dedicated sales, engineering and service staff on site. The Addison facility is also a warehouse for production components and service parts.


Oilgear is an American Hydraulics company that was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1921. Since the beginning, Oilgear has been renowned for the cutting-edge technology and the outstanding quality of its pumping products, valving, and systems engineering. With facilities located strategically around the globe, Oilgear is well positioned to be a dependable partner in hydraulic technology.


The Aeroquip brand is part of the Eaton Corporation portfolio. Eaton is a worldwide leading manufacturer of a wide variety of fluid-conveying and fluid-connecting products. The company became the Aeroquip Group of Eaton in 1999. Aeroquip products include all pressure ranges of hoses, fittings, adapters, couplings and other fluid connectors as well as precision plastic molded and extruded products for industrial and manufacturing, aerospace and automotive applications.

These are some of the Aeroquip products available at our locations:

  • Hoses
  • Adapters & Fittings
  • Performance Products
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Swivel Joints


Hägglunds hydraulic drive systems are engineered to perform under severe conditions and to provide reliable power to vital marine applications above or below water around the world.

Robust design, precise control and reliability are key considerations. Our compact hydraulic motors are used on research ships, large crane vessels, pipe/laying and oil exploration vessels, as well as on jack-up rigs and semi-submersible applications. Our reliable hydraulic drives provide simple, highly efficient direct drives which often eliminate gearboxes so saving valuable space.