Marine Transmissions


For Your Horsepower and Operating Demands

Twin Disc engineers more than 100 marine transmission models, from 35 to more than 4000 horsepower. Our advanced marine transmission technology delivers:

  • Quiet operation with helical gearing
  • Smooth, fast shifting with hydraulic, oil-cooled clutches
  • Full power and identical reduction ratios in forward and reverse
  • Minimal external plumbing
  • Down-angle output and remote or direct-mounted V-drive models
  • Renowned reliability and global after-sale service

QuickShift®–for a Smooth, Steep Power Curve

Experience the world’s smoothest, fastest shifting—plus amazing slow speed control. Quick Shift uses patented internal clutch actuation to deliver cushioned torque and optimum power in milliseconds, whether you nudge the throttle or go full out.


ZF Marine’s complete line of commercial craft propulsion systems for workboat includes transmissions, commercial thrusters, propellers, shafts and control systems for applications such as tugboat, inland river tow, passenger ferry, fire/police/naval patrol boat, and related work vessels.

Our high-performance integrated propulsion packages offer the control, reliability, and operating speed you require for your specific commercial craft needs.

ZF Marine Propulsion Systems offers:

  • Full integration of the complete propulsion system installation
  • The exact definition of all interfaces in the driveline, control and monitoring systems
  • Reduced time and cost by working with your shipyard or dealer
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to “single service” responsibility


REINTJES gearboxes of the WAF/LAF, SVA/SVAL, and DLG series have been specially designed for heavy-duty applications in workboats such as tugs, trawlers, inland waterway vessels, ferries, tankers off-shore vessels, container vessels and special-purpose ships with comparably high standards. Their outstanding features are optimal efficiency, high reliability, and a long service life.